Practical life in the kitchen – Practicing chopping

About a year ago, I had written about Havvie using a wavy chopper to practice chopping vegetables. We’ve since moved onto using a standard knife to practice these skills.

There were a couple of signs I waited for including, Havvie showing proficiency in using one hand for chopping and one hand for holding what she was chopping as well as the hand strength to chop through the vegetable.


I’m yet to find a good children’s size knife, so if you have one, let me know what you use. In the meantime we’re using an adult size serrated knife. Here’s a video of her chopping beans.

Here’s a few tips for setting up this work:

  • Look for a knife with a round end rather than a pointed end.
  • Use long vegetables to begin with as they keep fingers away from the knife
  • You can start with thin or soft vegetables and fruits so that it’s easy to cut through like beans or bananas
  • If you have round vegetables that may slip, cut them in half lengthways so you can place them flat on the chopping board.
  • You may need to hold one end of the vegetable when starting out.

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