Making the outdoor area accessible

We spend a lot of our time going out to our deck or out for walks. So I want Havvie to be able to freely access the outdoor environment without needing my help. The idea is that Havvie can choose whether she wants to work, eat or generally explore inside or outside. I looked for and removed any barriers and also made those materials that she needs to do this easily accessible.

I have a shelf set up near the entrance of our deck for these materials Havvie needs to go outside. On it there are a variety of shoes and hats to choose from as well as a raincoat and gumboots for wet weather. In summer I put out some sunscreen as well. Before Havvie goes out she picks out the shoes she wants to wear and depending on the weather the other items of clothing she might need.


Now she’s able to open the door to the deck herself but before she was tall enough I used to leave the main door open and leave the fly screen slightly ajar so she could open it and go outside.

Sometimes I find that she’s made her way outside while I’m still sitting on the lounge inside. I’ve observed her for a little while from our glass doors before she has called for me to come outside. Those little moments of independence have been great to witness.

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