Our art space

We have a space dedicated to our art activities, that is separate from our play space, reading nooks and musical instruments. Just like every other area, I rotate the activities I have on there based on Havvie’s interests.

I got this great little shelf made from our local men’s shed (an organisation that supports men’s mental health by providing facilties to engage in woodworking as a hobby). I have a variety of activities set out including:

  • A piece of paper and crayons
  • Scissor cutting work that I’ve written about here
  • A sticker activity (great for developing fine motor skills)
  • A gluing activity
  • Play dough and a set of tools
  • A chalkboard


I also have a chair and a little table for Havvie’s use (I repurposed an old cardboard box because I couldn’t find a table suited to Havvie’s height). Havvie can choose to use the table or her mat in her play space for these activities.


You’ll notice everything is set out in its own tray and is self contained which makes it easy for Havvie to pick up the activity and clean up. Other activities I rotate are painting with a number of types of painting materials and tools, a stamping activity and modeling clay.

In addition to this I also regularly set up art activities for Havvie to do such as creating a collage. We tend to do more complicated activities or ones that may get messy outside on our deck. Overall it’s a great addition to our space and provides opportunity for free expression.

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