What’s on our shelves – 27 month old

I’ve recently done a small rotation of work on Havvie’s shelf. Here’s what we’ve added in.

Allen Key Board


Havvie and I often build her furniture together. She has shown a lot of interest in using screwdrivers and Allen keys so I purchased this board to help isolate and practice that skill.

Farm animals


I rotated out our language basket filled with wild animals with farm animals and their babies. We use this as a matching exercise and Havvie loves to line these up.

Colour matching


A simple tray designed to match the peg people with the rings. This is building upon earlier colour matching skills because I’ve included different shades of the same colour. I’ve written about this work previously here.

1:1 object correspondence


This tray is included as an early math work. Each of the peg people go into one Russian doll and can be counted out.

Colour sorting


This tray is designed to allow Havvie to sort the different coloured glass stones.

Pegging activity


A super simple pegging activity that allows for the development of the pincer grip, building concentration and repetition.

Shape sorting peg board


Another great pegging activity that also allows shape sorting. I introduced this work slowly in steps as I’ve written here.


Giant blocks


I introduced these giant wooden blocks for open ended play. They really are quite big and heavy so help with maximum effort work. They’re also much more stable as a result. Havvie loves to see how high she can stack them and sometimes gets the structures to be taller than her.

2 thoughts on “What’s on our shelves – 27 month old

  1. Do you just leave them on the shelf until there is not much interest or do you rotate on a schedule? Thanks!

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  2. I wait until there’s not much interest to rotate items out. Sometimes I can see just one thing is not being played with for over a week and sometimes it’s a few things. Often if things haven’t been touched in a while my daughter may go back to them and play with them in a new way so I tend to leave them on the shelf for at least a week untouched and then decide if I should rotate.

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