Practical life in the garden – Regrowing spring onions

We’ve been doing some really simple gardening that Havvie and I can get involved in together. One of these has been regrowing vegetables from scraps. It is so easy and quick to do. The best part is getting to eat what you’ve grown.

We’ve started with spring onions. We prepared the spring onions by chopping about an inch from the bottom of the white bulb leaving the root intact. Next step was to submerge in water so the root and part of the bulb are covered and placing in indirect light near a window sill. That’s it!

Spring onions grow rapidly and you’ll start seeing the new shoots growing the next day. The photo below shows the difference in growth within a week. They can be chopped and eaten again whenever you want as long as the roots are intact. Next we are going to attempt to grow these in soil.


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