Our self care station

One of the most important areas of practical life for us is the daily ritual of self care we go through in the mornings. I set up this space about a year ago and have made slight tweaks along the way to accommodate our routine.

In Havvie’s self care area, I have her toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, clips and a rubber band as well as the moisturising creams she uses on a daily basis set out on a simple tray. We have the tray set up in front of our bathroom sink which has a large mirror. I’ve also laid out some handwashing soap and a little towel so Havvie can wash and dry her hands.


This simple setup works really well for us because we have a small bathroom. I have my own toiletries laid out in an identical tray on the other side of the basin. Every morning both Havvie and I go through our self care ritual together and she has become proficient in brushing her teeth and putting on her creams. I help her with these tasks where I need to but the biggest benefit has been her willingness to participate so we don’t have any major morning battles around getting these things done.

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