Practical life in the garden – repotting plants

I’ve been looking at cultivating our outdoor space to make it more inviting. It’s approaching winter here in Sydney, so it’s becoming even more important to get outdoors in the sun. My aim is to make the outdoor space as useful as possible so Havvie can choose to work inside or outside whenever she wants.

To do this, Havvie and I have started with a couple of small gardening projects. I do not have a green thumb so we are starting really small. We have a couple of indoor plants that needed repotting because they’ve grown too large.

We started out with a visit to a gardening store to get our supplies including new planters and potting mix. Then we prepped our plants and Havvie watered them prior to repotting. She scooped potting mix into the new planter and I carefully took out the plant from the old planter and placed it in the new. Here’s Havvie watered the plant once again and we were done.


If all goes well, we will see new peace lilies bloom. This will be great a segue into learning about the lifecycle of flowers, germination as well as learning to take care of our environment. Here’s Havvie watering the plant with her child sized watering can.


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