Colour Sorting and Matching

Havvie’s color recognition has blossomed. She recognises all the standard colours and is working towards recognising the grades of colours. I’ve added some more colour matching and colour sorting work to her shelf in recognition of this. The work builds upon the colour matching  than she was working on previously which I wrote about here.


This is a colour sorting tray with different coloured glass beads. You can use anything to do colour sorting as long as the items are identical. This tray is a little more challenging as the transparency of the glass beads requires a closer look to make sure the colours have been sorted correctly.


I’ve also added a colour matching activity which consists of matching coloured rings with the identically coloured peg dolls. Again this poses a bit of a challenge as there are different shades of the same colour so Havvie has to do some trial and error to get them right.



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