Inviting nature into your home

Many people around the world are stuck at home in isolation due to COVID-19. This makes it very difficult to get out and about and back into nature which is so important for our mental health.

Here’s a simple way we’ve incorporated nature in our home which has the added benefit of sensory play for Havvie.

Nature’s treasure box


We’ve been foraging in our backyard and local area and collected some natural items to create a treasure box to explore. This is a great activity for kids of all ages to collect items that they find interesting and bring back home for a detailed look. The great thing about it is it’s free, engaging and can be done over a long period of time.

This is also a great way to bring nature inside your home without needing to invest time and money in growing something, particularly for those that live in apartments and those that do not have ready access to a backyard.

Havvie had a great time exploring and feeling all the items in the box. We named all the items and spoke about where they come from. Over time we will replace the items in here with things Havvie collects and I expect there will be lots of loose parts play and exploration as Havvie gets older.

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