What’s on our shelves – 25 month old (Part 3)

Here’s the last part of what’s on our shelves. Part one and two are here and here.


Knobbed puzzle – Another well loved knobbed puzzle which I wrote about here. This one sings the song the wheels on the bus when you remove a piece.


Pouring work – A practical life activity that’s on our shelf. I wrote about this work earlier here. Havvie’s interest in the pouring work peaked a little while ago and it seems to be turning into dumping work. If she stops touching this work I’ll remove it from our shelves.


Shape shorter – An absolutely beautiful shape shorter from Goki. This is very early math work and focuses on shape recognition as well as spatial recognition. Havvie picked up the vocabulary for all the shapes from this work too.


Lego Duplo – One of the few plastic items on our shelves. The big pieces are great for open ended play with small hands. Havvie has just become proficient with stacking these and can stack about 8 pieces at a time.


Ball tracker – A great toy made by Q Toys for visual tracking and cause and effect. I had put this toy out around 6 or so months ago and Havvie would throw the wooden balls across the room so I took it out of rotation. Bringing it back though she’s taken great interest in seeing the different patterns the balls make.

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