What’s on our shelves – 25 month old (Part 1)

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while and I’ve finally gotten round to it. But I’ll have to break it down into 3 parts. Here’s part one of what’s on our shelves at the moment.


Grimm’s stacking bowls – These are beautiful materials for learning size discrimination. When used upside down you can stack them into a tower too.


Threading discs – Useful for developing fine motor skills as well as very early foundations for learning sewing. I’ve repurposed the discs that came with our infant color matching material. You may recognise them from this post. The threading needle is from a beautiful Australian store called Let them play toys.


1:1 object correspondence tray – Havvie loves counting and is starting to gain an interest in learning 1:1 correspondence (that is recognising one object can be counted as one number). I’ve used the Grapat cups with lids and some Grimms building rings. There’s 6 of each so there is an control of error built in, in that Havvie must put one ring in one cup and place a lid on each cup for it to match. This tray is a favourite at the moment and Havvie chooses this work at least a few times a day. We count each object as she places them in the cup. Sometimes when she accidentally places two rings in one cup she also corrects her mistake because she realises there must only be 1 ring in one cup.


Object to object matching work – This is a language tray designed for building vocabulary as well as for the purpose of building visual discrimination skills. I’ve written about this matching work on a post here. You’ll notice this time the items aren’t identical but they are similar. This is an added level of complexity from her previous tray. This is another favourite as Havvie loves to explore each tool, as well as name and match what she sees.

Here’s Part Two of what’s on our shelves.

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