We love knobbed puzzles

Adults aren’t the only ones that are loving puzzles during isolation. Havvie has shown a lot of interest in the knobbed puzzles that I’ve rotated into her shelf recently. These are great for developing hand eye coordination, wrist movement to fit them into the slots and are indirect preparation for the pincer grip that’s super important for handwriting.


There are so many types of knobbed puzzles, here’s three examples worth investing in.

Simple shape puzzles

We started with these puzzles when Havvie was around 14 months old. It was just 1 shape, starting with a circle which was easiest to fit and moving onto harder shapes like a square.


Over time we increased the number of shapes to fit and currently Havvie has a Melissa and Doug sound puzzle with 6 shapes to fit which she can do easily.

download (1)


Jigsaw puzzles

Havvie has been going back to this puzzle again and again on her shelf. They are a little bit trickier than the shape puzzles because you have to fit the shape into the slot as well as with the pieces next to it. It’s the right level of difficulty for her without it being a full blown jigsaw. I love this puzzle because I use it to talk about the parts of the butterfly as well. We’ve started with the 3 piece and will be moving to a 4 piece soon.



You can find these puzzles here:

Single shapes puzzle

Melissa and Doug sound puzzle

Butterfly puzzle

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