Object to object matching work

Since we’ve been at home full time, I’ve added a lot more materials to Havvie’s shelves. Language continues to be a focus for her, so one of the new activities we’re doing is object to object matching.

The main purpose of object to object matching is to strengthen visual discrimination and to classify and provide language for the objects that are being matched. Eventually the concepts become abstract where objects are being matched with pictures and eventually pictures with other pictures.

We chose natural items as our first set of objects, specifically parts of a tree. You’d be surprised how many materials can be found in and around your home. Using items from around the home also has the added advantage of classifying items she is likely to see and use.

The items I used included leaves, flowers, cones and branches from the trees and plants in our backyard. The presentation involved me taking the bowl and placing it on our mat. Then I proceeded to take one item out of the bowl, named it and placed it on the mat. When I took out an item that had a corresponding pair on the mat, I placed it right next to that object to show the object to object matching. Then I invited Havvie to have a turn.


She didn’t immediately want to have a turn. She asked me to do the activity again a few times. She was concentrating on listening to the names of the objects I was showing her. After a few times she had a turn and named and matched the objects. She didn’t place the items in a neat line as I had and that’s ok. She was still matching and naming.

I’ll refresh the items in the bowl every few weeks or months if her interest wanes and eventually build towards object to picture matching.


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