Practical life – Table cleaning

We recently delved into the very traditional Montessori activity of table scrubbing. It sounds worlds apart from what we think toddlers would be interested in doing but that’s the beauty of Montessori. If you prepare the environment, the child will take the lead and do the work.

For this work all we used was a small towel and a dish of soapy water. If you have a table that is sturdy you can use a scrubber brush (like a simple vegetable scrubber) instead. After scrubbing we used a pitcher of water and a squeegee to clean up the bubbles.


This activity is great for gross motor development, maximum effort, hand strength and of course sensory play with the water and bubbles. On top of that it also promotes care of environment where Havvie herself contributes to the cleanliness of the house.

Havvie enjoyed this activity for a good 25 minutes as you can see here and was super proud of the clean table at the end of it.

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