Pouring work

Havvie is obsessed with trying to pour right now. If there’s a glass of water she can access she is usually pouring it into another vessel. She also frequently asks if she can wash dishes. This was a strong cue for me to setup some pouring work for her as she was seeking lots of repetition. Here are three ways I’ve prepared the environment to allow her to pour.

Pouring work on the shelf

This is such a simple work to put on your shelf. All you need are two mugs, something to pour (I used daal) and a tray to define the boundaries of the work. I did a small demonstration of pouring daal from one mug to the other. Havvie took it from there. It was a complete sensorial experience from the tinkling sound of the daal as it fell from one mug to another, to the feel of the cold ceramic mugs, to the sneaky taste test of the daal. I only put two limits on the work which was we can’t eat the daal and the daal needed to stay either in the tray or the mug.


Access to drinking water

I have a snack station setup for Havvie where she can access snacks and water for the day. The water area consists of a small pitcher, a glass and a small towel to wipe up any spills. This is another easy way of incorporating pouring work and this one serves a larger purpose of satiating thirst. I do lots of modeling with drinking my own glass of water to entice Havvie to drink throughout the day.


Washing dishes

I’ve written about this previously here, but this is another simple way of incorporating pouring work through practical life. This was in fact my first cue that Havvie was driven to pouring and prompted me to put more work on her shelf.

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