Practical life in the kitchen – Making pizza

Havvie and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it be eating, doing some of our daily chores like emptying the dishwasher or cooking. As Havvie’s fine motor skills, memory and concentration continue to develop everyday I’m finding more ways to incorporate her in more complex recipes.

Recently we made pizza from scratch at home which was a fun multi step activity for both of us. Making pizza dough is a great toxic free alternative to using play dough especially if you have babies that mouth a lot. To prep for this I thought through all the steps we would take and where certain ingredients were needed I apportioned them into small bowls for Havvie. Since this was a 20 minute activity with lots of steps I didn’t give her a lesson but rather invited her to do the steps along with me as I did them.

She followed along quite carefully as I showed her the steps of mixing the ingredients and kneading the pizza dough. She was able to follow along quite easily and was very eager to do the steps exactly as I was showing her. The concentration was fierce and she was very keen to understand what all the ingredients were called along the way.

We put the dough aside for a couple of hours and returned to it when it had expanded. This was a good opportunity to introduce very basic chemistry, that when you mix certain ingredients together they can change their form over time. It’s a very simple but effective way of showing this basic concept in real life.

Havvie enjoyed the next part of adding all the toppings to the pizza dough the most. A couple of months earlier I think Havvie would not have been interested in doing such a long activity or been able to follow along the multi step process so easily. The refinement of her skills is also quite amazing to watch as there was hardly any mess. I think I was probably more messy than her but that’s all part of the fun!


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