Montessori on the go – At the zoo

The Montessori method values real life experiences for learning over any other form including books (as much as we love books in our household). We recently went to the zoo which is a great place for learning to occur as it’s a feast for the senses.

You might have seen an earlier post where I described a language basket for animals on our shelves at home. They are a pretty loved resource in our home and Havvie still plays with these animals regularly. We took these animals on our trip to the zoo.


The sights at the zoo were wonderful and gave us many opportunities to talk about and see how animals behave. Elephants being playful with swings, gorillas roughhousing, penguins diving in the water, giraffes using their long tongues to eat leaves off tree branches, tigers lying lazily in the sun and so much more.


We can tell Havvie enjoyed her time at the zoo because she recounts many stories from her day there. Remembering and talking about the zoo is a great, natural way for Havvie to develop narratives of her own and it’s fun for us to do a back and forth conversation.

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