Valentine’s Day Art

Havvie is very interested in writing, drawing and basically any form of art right now. It’s apparant she’s working towards developing her writing skills. So with Valentine’s day coming up, we decided we’d make daddy a card to show our love and appreciation.

It was a beautiful day so we took our arts and crafts outdoors. We didn’t need much, just some paper, toddler grip friendly pencils, scissors and glue.


Havvie loves to watch me draw and I can tell there’s a lot of work going on Havvie’s part to understand how to control the pencil to make the intended shapes. It’s important to not only allow Havvie free reign to draw whatever she likes but to also model the drawing so she can observe and learn.

I also introduced gluing to her through a small lesson. I drew and cut out some hearts. Using one as an example I showed her how to brush the glue onto the side that I want to stick down and then to place and press the shape down on paper. Havvie took it from there.

We can’t wait to gift the card to daddy!

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