Practical life in the kitchen – making breakfast

Making breakfast is a simple but fun ritual Havvie has started in the mornings. It’s a very simple muesli mix of rolled oats, oat milk, berries and cinnamon which involves a lot of fine motor skills including pouring, shaking, mixing and scooping.


There’s a little bit of preparation involved where I lay out the  ingredients for Havvie to mix in individual bowls. This small step ensures Havvie doesn’t have any barriers or need any additional help from start to finish.


She gets out the cutlery she needs from her cutlery drawer. Then she proceeds to pour each ingredient into her cereal bowl. The final step is adding a dash of cinnamon before digging in.

At first a few ingredients would end up on the kitchen bench particularly the oat milk. She was also overzealous with the cinammon as it was too much fun shaking it out into the bowl. Over time she has refined her skills and it’s amazing to watch a child under 2 prepare her own breakfast and eat herself with absolutely no help from me. The best dishes are always those you make yourself!

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