What we are reading right now – body awareness and consent

We’ve started to introduce the concept of consent and body awareness to Havvie. She has started to ask for the names of her body parts so I felt it was time to introduce these topics in an age appropriate way.

No Means No


This book has a powerful narrative about everyday situations that children will encounter where they will need to exercise consent. It spreads a positive message of how to say no respectfully and contains an easy to remember catch phrase. The beautiful illustrations add to the powerful messages and Havvie enjoys readying about the characters in the book.

Amazing you

images (1)

This book contains just the right amount of information for young kids to all those questions they inevitably ask about body parts and reproduction. I recommend reading this book ahead of time before introducing to your child, so you can familiarise yourself with the content. There’s also a great series of questions and answers for parents which I found helpful.

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