What we are reading right now

Here’s what’s on our shelves right now.

Dressing your family


Havvie is practising getting dressed by herself right now, so this was the perfect introduction to all the clothes she will come across. It’s a very simple book that can be repeated many times.

Baby food


We chose this book at the library for it’s black and white photos. It’s rare to find a children’s book that contains real photos and the sweet images of babies eating in all its different forms brings a lot of joy.

Millie-Mae and the windy day


This beautifully illustrated board book follows Millie-Mae on her adventure of flying a kite on a windy day. It also contains tactile elements on the page which Havvie loves to touch. This is a favorite of ours at the moment and is part of a series of Millie-Mae books which we will be borrowing over the summer.

2 thoughts on “What we are reading right now

  1. I’ve been struggling to find books with children in them, as opposed to talking animals, so thank you for the information. We have recently discovered Shirley Hughes’ books, so these are the favourites at the minute (no so much his, although he likes them, but very much mine).


    1. We just discovered Shirley Hughes too! It does take time to find realistic books but there are some great ones out there


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