Colour matching work

Havvie has recently taken an interest in learning and matching colours. She’s either trying to name the colours or asking what colour something is. Her favourites at the moment seem to be yellow and orange as she always chooses to carry her yellow and orange peg dolls around the house.

We’ve got the popular Grimms 7 friends in 7 bowls open ended material on our play shelves which she used to complete her colour matching work here. This material is great because it also allows for pegging work, stacking (with some difficulty at this age) and general open ended play.

Screenshot_20191126-092153_Video Player.jpg

I’ve also placed a more familiar Montessori colour matching work on her shelf. It piqued her interest and she uses it everyday at the moment for colour matching or simple stacking. She’s also getting the hang of naming the colours, although not always accurate, the names will come with time.



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