Our independant dressing area

I have an independant dressing area set up for Havvie in our bedroom, but it has been neglected for quite a while. So when Havvie showed an interest in dressing herself today, I decided to give it a refresh and have it setup for the Australian summer.

I have a prepared environment setup for toileting in our bathroom as we’re going through our toilet learning journey. As she’s recently started to walk independantly, I’ve been getting ready to switch to cotton underwear full time. While she was sitting on the potty today, she picked up one pair of underwear and attempted to put them on. It was great watching her show an interest and it reminded me to clean up her dressing area so it can facilitate this learning process.


This was a great little find at Kmart for $35. It is the correct height for kids and the storage space at the bottom makes it perfect for Havvie to access everything she needs. It only took 15 minutes to put together.

I’ve hung up her outfits by pairing a t-shirt with pants or shorts that she can wear on a daily basis. We’re in between seasons so there is an option for colder weather as well as some pyjamas for night time. I will probably take away 2 of these options to make it an easier choice for Havvie.

At the bottom, I’ve stored her swimming clothes in a basket, spare underwear, spare pants and socks in a bowl. She is able to access all of these items herself.

We’re also using a step stool for Havvie to be able to access the bed, not too far from the dressing area, which we will double as chair for her to be able to sit and dress herself as needed. I also plan to add a floor length mirror next to the dressing area so she can see how she went with dressing herself.

This will be a new skill for Havvie to learn, so we’ll she how she goes with this setup. Once she’s familiar with the area, I may tweak things that don’t work and I’ll report back on the tips and tricks that worked for us.

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