What we are reading right now

We recently refreshed our books at the library, as Havvie had stopped picking them out to read. This is always a good prompt for me, as it’s rare that Havvie doesn’t pick up books to read for at least 15 minutes a day. Here are a few that we are loving right now.

The Construction Crew


A great read for all the vehicle lovers out there. The book takes you on a rhyming journey, through the process of building a house and ends on the most important note about family.

In the bush I see


I always try to keep a few books about Australia in rotation. This is a simple but stunningly illustrated book by a young indigenous Australian writer, showcasing the many unique animals we have.

The Marine Team


This is one in a series of books about wildlife, focusing on marine life. Among the fun descriptions of the sea creatures, there’s also an important message about conservation.

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