What we are reading right now

Havvie and I love our trips to the library. Whenever we go, she loses herself in the mountains of books and insists on taking each one out of the bookshelf one by one. I even have a video of her dancing in one of the aisles, she was that excited.

The hard part is finding books that are based on the real world around us. So many books have talking animals, fantasy creatures and other mythical aspects, when all she really wants to do is identify and name all the objects she sees around us.

These books do exist though. Here are the ones that are on our bookshelves right now.

A is for Australia

images (1)

We don’t use this book for the alphabet but more for naming the Australian flora and fauna depicted.

One gorilla


Although characterised as a counting book, this book also contains a sweet but simple lesson about humanity. The beautiful, realistic depictions of primates are wonderful to look at.

A thankyou walk

images (2).jpeg

This is a sweet story about gratitude. The book itself feels really nice to touch and the illustrations pop up off the page.

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