Montessori on the go – the grocery store

The beauty of Montessori is with the right mindset and awareness it can be applied anywhere, including when you’re out and about and engaging in regular community and practical life.

And there’s nothing more practical than a trip to the grocery store. Every fortnight, Havvie and I go to our local organic fruit and veg shop where there is so much opportunity for Havvie to get involved.

The shop is a little small so I babywear. This has the added benefit that most things in the shop end up being at her eye level so she can really engage in doing the shopping with me.

There’s many ways we incorporate Montessori into our shopping trip.

  • Havvie names the fruits and vegetables she sees. If there’s fruits and vegetables she gets really excited about or wants to put in our trolley, we make sure we buy that. By doing this I’m offering Havvie choice and independance in what she eats.
  • Havvie bags the fruits and vegetables herself. I hold the bag out for her while she picks out the fruits and vegetables from the stand and places them in the bag. Of course, some fruits and vegetables drop to the floor instead of the bag but this is all part of the learning process.
  • At the payment counter once everything has been scanned, Havvie taps my credit card at the machine to pay.  She has picked this up from our many trips together and safe to say it’s one of her favourite things to do.



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