Practical life in the kitchen – knife work using a wavy chopper

Young toddlers handling knives may seem like a no-no to many. However with the right prepared environment and child friendly tools it can be one of the most fulfilling and fun practical life activities to do together.

I bought Havvie her first wavy chopper about 2 months ago. This is a knife that requires two hands to use and is safe to touch but can still cut through food.


Every time I prepare vegetables for dinner, I bring out the wavy chopper and a small chopping board for Havvie. I’ve modeled how to use the wavy chopper a few times. In the past she has mostly observed and attempted to use it before moving onto other activities, until today.


Through observation and repetition she was able to successfully use the chopper with both hands and cut through some green beans. The concentration was fierce and she even exclaimed wow at her own accomplishment. Here she is in action.

You won’t find being able to cut vegetables on the list of traditional developmental milestones, but it’s certainly something we can celebrate.


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